So Now Let’s say “P” is for PDC Poinsetta???

Hey everyone….I hope you’ve all been enjoying your weekend!!!!  I’ve been enjoying my long weekend and finally completed working on a new flower design……With Christmas coming before we know it I wanted to work up a much better Poinsetta flower that would be faster to make up…….Well…..I think I have one that I’m quite happy with…..I hope you will be too….

So I decided to go ahead and work up a tutorial so you could see how I put them together…’s SUPER easy!!!

I’ve worked up a cut file on this and if you’re interested in it you can obtain it in the file format of your choosing….

I really hope you like this file….I am very happy with how the flowers turned out!!!  I also worked up some other cut files I’ve had some requests for and will be working on more tomorrow….but I thought I would go ahead and share with you the ones I have completed so far…..Perhaps some of you might find some use for them????
Okie Dokie…that finishes me for the night/morning…it’s 1:25a.m. here and my pillow is calling me….I hope you all might have found something here you might enjoy…I also hope you all have a very blessed Sunday!!!! THANK YOU for stopping by and I do hope you will come by again!!! Until then…

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