How about this.....2 Tutorials in Same Day!

Good Afternoon Everyone....Hope you are all having a FANTASTIC day still!!!  How about me...actually getting 2 tutorials completed AND posted in one day!!!  Feather in my cap huh!! ;)

So I had a request for someone for me to explain how they could create a "faux cross stitch" border around a I took on the task and worked on a tutorial on just one way you can achieve this affect....Keeping in mind there's always more than one way to skin a cat...but this is super simple...and you can really customize it just the way you like....

Here's the video......

Once you've completed the I shared in the will be able to use this in any of your programs you use to cut SVG files with your digital die cutting machines.

Hope you enjoyed the video...and always...THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit....I wish you a very blessed week.....please come by again..Until next time!!

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