Happy Sunday again…..

Hey Everyone…I hope you all enjoyed your day today!!! I had ANOTHER FUN day in my ARTHaven….Several months ago my oldest son had brought a frame home from his fiance’s  that had a picture of Brianna (my future granddaughter) in it from when she was a baby……the frame was a faux metallic bronze color……she wanted me to “change” it…..I had been holding onto it until something hit me!!! Well with me making my crochet flowers…my idea hit me……here’s what I came up with….

Isn’t it girly and shouts SPRINT TIME!!! This is very outside my box of color but I must admit I TOTALLY love how this turned out…..Again the frame started out in a faux bronze finish…..I first coated with 2 coats of gesso and went from there…so lots and lots of steps…but I LOVE the outcome…..Would love to hear what you think?????
So I’ve had a FANTASTIC weekend of ART!!!!!  I’m looking forward to next weekend because that starts my week of vacation and I plan to spend in right here in my ARTHaven!!!! So hurry up  this week and pass!!!
As always, I want to THANK YOU all for stopping by to visit with me!!!!  Thrills me when I hear from you…sincerely!!! I hope you like my creation.…….and I hope you will come by again…I pray you have a very blessed week!!!! Until next time……
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