I’m SO happy it’s FRIDAY again!!!!! You know what that means…..2 whole days to play in my ARTHaven!!! Yahoooo for me!!!!!
So…..I had a challenge to make another card (the challenge I made to myself) and this time a lady from my SCALHints group wanted to swap with me…….So Angela if you don’t want to spoil the surprise don’t look down the page!!!! 
I decided I wanted to do something different…..I started browsing my digi stamps and found this tree…..isn’t it SO cute!!!! I just fell in love with it…….I knew I wanted to use it but didn’t know what to do from there….so I drove to work thinking about it and it hit me…..I wanted to incorporate the shape of the tree into my card somehow and make my fold not so normal….so here’s what I came up with……

I will share with you I TRIED to draw the tree with my Cri-kit Pens……(I converted the image to an SVG) so when I brought my file into SCAL2 I could draw the tree…….but I didn’t like how it turned out……I liked the realistic image of the tree by printing it with my Laser Printer……..So even though I had converted the file to an SVG I was STILL able to PRINT the design through Inkscape…….to the exact size I would have had it drawn in SCAL2…….(colored with my Blick Alcohol markers) I already had created my shadow layer for the drawn image to be cut from so I just did a dummy cut of the shadow of the tree….then instead of hitting UNLOAD when it was finished with the dummy cut I hit LOAD carefully removed the cut out piece…gently lifted up the surrounding paper and carefully placed in the printed tree I wanted cut out…..used a brayer to secure down…then finished removing the other paper that was my guide and then hit the scissors in my program……..
The FONT I used is Single Line Font- Cri-Kits Serif that you can get from www.cri-kits.com ……I thought it drew VERY well!!!!! I used the Metallic Black gel pen and Cri-Kit Housing……
I did draw first with my mini sharpies and the housing I have for that but  I didn’t like it as much…..The flowers I’ve added are all ones I created…..cutting in watercolor paper then using my chalk ink hand colored each one and then used my stylus tool to shape added a half pearl to each and attached to the tree with glue……I used foam tape to attached the tree to the card base…before I attached the tree I used some of my decorative edge embossing sleeves and run through the Cuttlebug  and then rubbed with a sand block to knock the color off…..
I ink distressed the edges of the decorative paper I had cut to slightly under 5” wide and 7” tall…..before I cut however I did draw the phrase on with the Cri-Kit pens……added the rest of my bling….made an accompanying envie and WHOLA…..I’m done!!!  I would LOVE to hear what you think of it……
Also…..If anyone is interested in having the cut file I created for this card you can click the image below and it will take you to the page on My Website where you may download it….

Ok……so that was the challenge I did for last night!!!!! Wonder what my challenge will be for myself tonight…I know one  is to start on my Altered Book that I’m doing…..so far I have my pages removed my niche section clamped together and that’s it!!!  Will start color glazing some pages tonight….I’m SO looking forward to this project…..it will definatly be an on going project for sometime……Ok….so must finish getting ready for work….As always….THANK YOU so much for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED FRIDAY!!! I do hope you will come by again…..until then….

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